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TitleWAKC: Water Association of Kern County
Place nameBakersfield Museum of Art, 1930 R. St., Bakersfield
Date start26.04.2016 11:30 (1060 Days Ago)
Date end26.04.2016 00:00 (1061 Days Ago)

WAKC Presents :GROUNDWATER REGULATIONS What every business needs to know

New legislation and onerous regulations on groundwater pumping will directly effect every business in Kern County, not just those in the ag and oil industries. Learn how local municipalities, developments and small business will be impacted by these new state regulations that will limit the use of groundwater.


Eric Averett - Manager, Kern Groundwater Authority

Scott Hurlbert - City Manager

Doug Nunnely - Manager, Oildale Mutual Water Co

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